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3 Examination (2018) watch online for free comedy

Smotret film zachetni prepod 3 2018 online youtebem.com

Зачётный препод 3 фильм (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно комедия Германия

About the plot of the film “Test 3 / Suck Me Shakespeer 3” 2018 Comedy / Germany

Гthe main hero comedy film “Test 3 academic” 2018 becomes a former prisoner who now works as a teacher at school. He got the nastiest and unstable class, what can be. Only slobs who learn no plans for the future study there. For them, the most important thing is that they have fun and spend more time on the big guys.

That is why all this leads to the fact that at one point the situation is changing. Soon there will be final school exams and his class will have to pass them in order to receive a certificate of education. Naturally it will be very difficult to do, because none of them is absolutely not prepared and it is not known what to expect from this exam. That is why the main character the film will have to do everything possible to find an incentive for the children to study and try to inspire them to take up textbooks.

This will be very difficult and difficult, but you have to hope only for a positive result. Each of them naturally wants to finish school, so you have to hope for good luck and a stable result. Naturally all this will not be easy to do, but they will have to try to achieve positive success. How will this all end up in the end?



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Country: Germany
Director: Bora Dagtekin
Writer: Bora Dagtekin
Operator: Marcus Nestroy
Composers: Konstantin Djorkaeff Scherer, Vincent Stein
Producers: Nicole Springstubub, Martin Moskovitz, Lena Schömann

Actors: Katya Riemann, Elias M'Barek, Yella Haase, Sandra Huller, Ushi Glas, Gizem Emre, Aram Arami, Runa Greiner, Tristan Goebel, Bernd Stegemann, Michael Murtens, Lea van Akken, Anton Petzold
Production: Constantin Film
Premiere: October 26 2017 (Germany), April 12 2018 (Russia)

Genre: Comedyyouth films



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