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Capture TV series (2019) Ukraine watch free online thriller

Smotret serial Zahvat 2019 online vse serii youtebem.com

About the plot of the series “Capture / Zapoplennya” 2019 Action | Detective | Crime | Inter Channel 

Нnew Ukrainian TV series “Capture” 2019 online with charismatic and talented actors will be able to please every lover of these cool fighters. The main characters of the detective film “Capture” have been serving in special forces for several years, where they almost every day have to risk their lives and saving the lives of ordinary citizens.

For many years, it has not been possible to find the answer to the question, for what reason does a person take up arms and decide to commit a crime. And few people even think that crimes are committed precisely because of love. The young man Pochekayev is a successful businessman. He is very wealthy, he has a lot of connections in all areas of activity, so he decided that he could do anything he wanted, and at the same time he would not incur any punishment.

Once he liked one of his employees of the company. He decides to build a romantic relationship with her. But he did not even expect that the object of his desires would deny him. Such an answer does not suit the hero, and he decides to go to the sneaky act. He gives the girl some sleeping pills, and then she is found in a place where there are always very few people. The police are beginning to investigate this case and come to the conclusion that the girl herself decided to part with life.

But there is a man who knows what really happened and who is to blame for the girl’s death - this is her young man. He understands that he cannot, with the help of the police, force Pochekayev to answer for this crime and decides to go to extreme measures. At the murderer's office, the bell rings and the anonymous author says that one of his offices was robbed.


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Capture / Dumping - Show Details:

A country: Ukraine

Directors: Khachatur Vasilyan, Roman Verkulich
Screenwriter: Vladimir Shegeda
Operator: Dmitry Gorash
Artists: Vladimir Stepanyuk, Stanislav Svetlichny
Producers: Natalya Vitruk, Konstantin Kostyukov, Sergey Prokhorov, Alexander Radchenko

Actors: Stanislav Boklan, George Povolotsky, Nikita Vakulyuk, Slava Krasouskaya, Albert Malik, Alexander Bozhko, Vadim Pavlenko, Vladimir Skorik, Irina Verenich-Ostrovskaya
Production: 07 production, Inter TV channel
Premiere: 11 FEBRUARY 2019
Series: 8
Genre: Thrillercrime moviedetectives online

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