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Смотреть русскую мелодраму Жена моего мужа 2019 онлайн бесплатно на канале Россия 1 HD 720

About the plot of the film “My husband's wife" 2019 Comedy | Melodrama | Fantasy | Russia 1 


main heroine Russian melodramatic film “My husband's wife” 2019 online with elements of fiction name is Margarita (Vera Smolina), and she is crazy about her spouse. This is a strong family, at least, it seems so to her, but the fact remains that she knows almost nothing about her lover. Her man is not at all the one for whom he claims to be, and when he gets tired of his wife from hiding the true attitude towards her, he will honestly tell her this directly.

He will share the story of how she has been cheating on her all this time and is now ready to link herself with new lover (Maria Gorban). This truth can hurt any woman badly, but she understands perfectly that in this case divorce is not just a termination of relations, but also the loss of a father for a child and the separation of joint property that has been earned over the years and has been extracted by enormous work. To weigh all the circumstances, it will take a lot of time.

And then she decides that everything must be done to ensure that her husband returns to her again. But he is not going to be led to such provocations and begins to say that he does not like to look at his fattened spouse, and she had looked completely different before, and for some time he had become disgusted. She decided to leave it all for later, including losing weight, she goes to the top. That will have to charm him for a few days.


Trailer | Premiere 21 July 


Watch Russian film “My husband's wife"  (2019) free online comedy 

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My husband's wife / My husband's wedding 2019 - Release date and movie info:

A country: Russia

Director: Artyom Kagramanyan
Screenwriters: Dmitry Belousov, Vazgen Kagramanyan, Elsa Churyumova
Operator: Cyril Speransky
Artist: Anna Abolits
Producers: Alexander Kushaev, Andrei Kretov, Anastasia Kavunovskaya
Casting director; Tatevik Zalinyan

Actors; Vera Smolina, Maria Gorban, Evgeny Dzhuraev, Timofey Karataev, Oksana Golubeva, Grant Kagramanyan, Ekaterina Shmakova, Marina Bogatova, Kirill Shcherbina, Stepan Sereda, Kirill Beloborodov, Vladimir Dovzhik, Daria Puchkina, Natalia Kravtsova, Vladimir Malkov, Jean C. , Dmitry Komov, Alexey Sviridov, Ksenia Zolotukhina

Production: LLC “Kaleidoscope Film”, LLC “Bubble Production”

Premiere: July 21, 2019 (Channel Russia 1)
Genre: Comedyfilms about family and Love, melodramas, fantasy



The official instagram actress Maria Gorban (Mariya Gorban) / Photo / Video

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Stills from the film “My husband's wife” 2019 Russia | Photos of actors



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