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Wife for rent series (2016) watch online melodrama for free

Smotret serial zhena naprokat 2016 online youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм Жена напрокат 2016 онлайн все серии подряд с Юлией Подозёровой на канале ТВЦ

About the plot of the series "Wife for rent" 2016 / Melodrama / Comedy / TVTs Channel / Russia

Эthat funny melodramatic TV series “Wife for rent” 2106 online  immerse the viewer in the life of the main character Helena (Julia Podozyorova), which at the age of thirty-five years old has the manners of a socialite. Every day, a woman visits a beauty salon, sticks out for hours in boutiques and indulges in overseas delicacies. Cruise on the Volga began with the fact that Lena wanted to boast a new acquisition.

Being on the vessel of an extra class, an arrogant young lady throws scornful glances at the inhabitants of the periphery. Due to some problems, a beautiful yacht anchored in a small town called Zavolzhsk. This case served as an ideal chance for a spouse tired of hysterics, therefore he disappeared from the sight of his second half.

The bitchy lady had to resolve the issue on her own. The problem with the movement on the water was solved by a visiting expert, who instead of the payment received a lot of insults and was eventually thrown overboard. Such boorish behavior needed retaliation.

The hour of reckoning came when the heroine of an instructive comedy was in the hospital with a diagnosis of amnesia. By coincidence, Dmitry met with the offender in a medical facility. Memory loss is a great opportunity to pay for humiliation. The hero decided to take advantage of the situation and declared that the irresponsible patient was his life partner ...


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Wife for Rent 2016 - Show Details and Release Date:

A country: Russia

Director: Alexander Sozonov
Screenwriter: Anastasia Kasumova
Operator: Cyril Speransky
Composer: Richard Cabot
Artists: Oleg Dorichenko, Pavel Romanov
Producers: Alexander Maryagin, Anna Kaminska, Julia Rumyantseva, Alexey Moiseev, Oleg Piganov, Julia Razumovskaya

Actors: Yulia Podozerova, Alexey Morozov, Anna Potebnya, Arseny Gusev, Daniil Konovalov, Mikhail Khimichev, Vyacheslav Schenin, Ksenia Teplova, Irina Schenina, Ekaterina Kulchitskaya, Natalya Dedeyko, Anton Afanasyev, Iraida Krasnopolskaya, Ruslan Bankovsky, Elena Chodhaeva

Production: Epicmedia
Premiere: December 18 2016 (TVC)
Series: 4
Genre: Melodrama, comedy

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