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Live for love TV series (2018) watch free online melodrama

Zit radi lubvi 2018 online Ukraina youtebem.com

Жить ради любви сериал (2018) смотреть бесплатно онлайн мелодрама Украина канал 1+1

Ukrainian TV series “Live for Love / Zhiti zaradi kokhannya” 2018 watch online for free all series in a row 1- 8 

УKrainsky melodramatic soap opera "To live for love" 2018 online talks about the punishment that overtakes a group of people for their misdeeds after quite a long time. Often every person lives and does not think that everything can change dramatically. For each of the heroes, this was the most ordinary day, which in no way foreshadowed trouble. Everything was going very well for itself and it seemed that this should continue to be so.

But one fine day, the situation is starting to change dramatically. Their old friend is embroiled in one criminal scam. Naturally, the main characters of a very vital series warned him that it wouldn’t bring it to good, but he didn’t care about their opinion. He still began to act in his own way, until at one point the very same tragedy happened. Since he contacted dangerous, then in such a business mistakes can not be made. The guy was inexperienced and therefore broke the main rule, as a result of which he was killed.

This naturally just terribly affected the guys, who still can not believe that their friend was dead. They try to understand the whole situation and understand what to do next. It only comes to mind that it is necessary to reconsider all their views on life. We'll have to try to realize the whole essence of what is happening and try to start all over again. What does this ultimately lead to and will they succeed in doing this? What will be the ending of this story? Watch the series “To live for love” and find out whether the former students will now be able to get out of the troubles without significant sacrifices.

Watch the serial film "Live for Love" 2018 all series in a row online for free Channel 1 + 1 Ukraine

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A country: Ukraine
Director: Sergey Tolkushkin
Operator: Alexander Boyko
Artist: Vadim Shinkarev
Producers: Elena Vasilyeva, Alexander Tkachenko, Elena Eremeeva, Darina Zhukova

Actors: Daria Egorkina Vlad Nikitiuk Valeria Hodos, Anastasia Chepelyuk Artyom Myaus Andrew Mostrenko Vladislav Onishchenko, Pauline Vasilina, Elena Apple, Mary Zanyborsch Natalia Vasko, Tatiana Pechyonkin Alexei Yarovenko, Roman Vyskrebentsev Roman Matsyuta Dmitry Usov, Konstantin Danilyuk, Yuri Dyak, Nikolay Boklan, Yanina Sokolova
Premiere: November 26 2018 (1 + 1, Ukraine)
Series: 8
Genre: Melodrama about love

The official instagram actress Darya Egorkina (Darya Egorkina) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram actress Valeria Khodos (Valeriya Khodos) / Photo - Video

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