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The life of others with Zhanna Badoeva (2019-2021) watch online all issues Channel One

Smotret zhizn drugih 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть все выпуски жизнь других с Жанной Бадоевой путешествия на первом 2020-2012 год

About the plot of the program “The lives of others” 2019-2021 on Channel One / Tourism / Travel / Russia

ПWe introduce to your attention a new TV show “The Life of Others” 2019 with Zhanna Badoeva, giving viewers the opportunity to not just travel with the leading across the endless expanses of the planet Earth. The program is attended by residents of other countries, ordinary members of society, simple hard workers, representatives of various segments of the population, various fields of activity.

People have the opportunity to talk about traditions and customs, industry and level of living. Fans can get really important, interesting information. Penetrate financial and economic problems, learn about pensions, salaries, education, medical care. Transfer The life of others demonstrates to compatriots ways of survival in another locality, it helps to compare the positive and negative aspects of the attitude of governments to the problems of citizens.

The right to speak is given not only to adults, but also to children, old people. Who else but old-timers are better able to inform the general public about the sore and the most beautiful in their land? It turned out not just a tourist talk show about travel and leisure, but an informative, intriguing, exciting project that can answer the most disturbing surrounding questions.

Trailer - "The Life of Others" 

Watch online “The Life of Others” 2019-2021 on Channel One all issues in a row 

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Official instagram of TV presenter Zhanna Badoeva - Photo / Video

Смотреть все выпуски жизнь других с Жанной Бадоевой путешествия на первом


Images from the television program “The Life of Others” Channel One 2019-2020 | Photos of participants


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