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Cinderella (2018) New Year's film-tale-musical watch online for free

Smotret film skazku Zolushka 2018 online youtebem.com

Золушка фильм 2018 сказка-мюзикл новогодний на канале Россия 1

About the plot of the movie "Cinderella" 2018 online | Musical | Comedy | channel Russia 

СTaraya favorite fairy tale in a new way! Young love story Cinderella and the beautiful prince - two loving hearts - is familiar to everyone. And the eponymous legendary film 1947 of the year is loved by both children and adults. But the story familiar to everyone since childhood will sparkle with new colors thanks to the fantasy of authors and star performers! Young Cinderella (Natalia Medvedeva from Comedy Woman) suffers from the attacks of the evil stepmother (Elena Stepanenko) and her narcissistic daughters (Anna Semenovich and Anastasia Stotskaya), who, hoping to get the prince, go to the royal ball.

Thanks to the correctly chosen shoes, the kind Fairy (Elena Vorobey) sends to the ball and poor Cinderella. In the fairy kingdom Cinderella expects a lot of unexpected acquaintances and surprises. She will meet the King (Yuri Galtsev), dancing “dance-nogodryg”, the Golden Voice of the Kingdom (Nikolai Baskov), who is riding on a new-fashioned hydroscooter, a socialite (Christina Orbakayte), who appears on the ball on a white horse, a magnificent Master of Ceremonies (Philip Kirkorov ), boy-page (Andrei Barinov) and many others.

And, of course, Cinderella will meet the real Prince (Sergey Lazarev), who will surely fall in love with her! And Anna Kovalchuk in the role of the leading maid of honor, who heads the investigation department in the kingdom, will help to achieve justice, and this tale will surely have a happy ending! The musical is accompanied by a variety of songs performed by national pop stars. Incendiary dances and unusual costumes of the film’s heroes will present an indescribable festive atmosphere of the New Year holidays. There are only a few hours left before the New Year, which means that ... the time has come for miracles and a new musical tale on the Russia channel!

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A country: Russia

Directors: Alexander Igudin
Actors: Natalia Medvedeva, Philip Kirkorov, Elena Stepanenko, Sergey Lazarev, Boris Smolkin, Anna Semenovich, Anastasia Stotskaya, Yury Galtsev, Elena Vorobey, Nikolay Baskov
Production: Channel Russia
Genre: Comedymusical fairy tale New Year films




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