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Zuleikha opens his eyes series (2019) watch online for free all series

Smotret serial zuleykha otkrivaet glaza 2019 online youtebem.com

Watch the movie Zuleikha opens 2019 eyes online all series in a row for free on the Russia channel 1

About the plot of the series “Zuleikha opens his eyes” 2019-2020 / Drama / History / Series 8 / Channel Russia 1

гmain heroine of the Russian TV series “Zuleikha opens his eyes” 2019 online on the Russia channel 1 becomes a young lady named Zuleikha. This is an ordinary Tatar who lived as well as many of us. I could never say that she was happy. She has a rather cruel mother who has never shown in her life that she feels sorry for her child. Zuleikhe (Chulpan Khamatova) had to marry a man whom she does not love.

He has a difficult hard character, and in family life he was a real monster. But once the girl's life changed dramatically, and she does not know how to react to it. Her husband was killed, and she and other settlers got on the train, which went even to some unknown place. Is it possible to consider such a state of affairs as a deliverance, or will a girl have an even worse fate?

The lucky ones who will survive in the way are likely to fall into slavery. The train arrived in Siberia, and the heroine was not ready for such a turn. All the survivors were sent to work. Zuleikha worked among completely different people - there are people with different religions, nationalities, scholars, criminals, intellectuals. But they all became absolutely equal here - they are torn clothes, they want to eat all the time, and they simply have no other choice. The heroine is just to survive ...

Trailer | Premiere 14 April 2020 | Soon on site

Public Talk with the creators of the series “Zuleikha opens her eyes”

The series “Zuleikha opens her eyes” 2019-2020 watch all series in a row for free / Channel Russia 1

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The series “Zuleikha opens her eyes” 2020 - Information about the series and release date:

A country: Russia

Director: Egor Anashkin
Writers: Anna Anosova, Larisa Leonenko, Vasily Pavlov
Operator: Shandor Berkeshi
Artist: Maria Turskaya
Producers: Irina Smirnova, Ilya Papernov

Actors: Chulpan Khamatova, Sergey Makovetsky, Elena Shevchenko, Alexander Sirin, Alexander Bashirov, Julia Peresild, Roman Madyanov, Yevgeny Morozov, Ramil Sabitov, Rosa Khairullina, Dmitry Kulichkov, Nikolai Kozak, Semyon Shkalikov

Production: Russian film company for Russia 1 channel
Premiere: 14 April 2020 (Россия 1)
Genre: Drama, historical filmsocial drama Movies about Russian history

Official Instagram actress Chulpan Khamatova (Chulpan Khamatova) / Photo - Video

The official instagram actress Julia Peresild (Julia Peresild) / Photo - Video

Images from the series “Zuleikha opens his eyes” 2020 Russia 1 | Photos of actors


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