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The stars converged (2019-2021) watch online all issues in a row on NTV

Smotret shou zvezdi soshlis 2019 online tnt youtebem.com

Звёзды сошлись (2019) все выпуски на нтв шоу смотреть онлайн

About entertainment show “Stars come together” 2019-2021 on NTV / Russia channel

Сalready popular entertainment show Talk Show “Stars come together” on NTV gives way to those who do not hesitate to express what they think about a particular star. The program's studio opens the door for people who can tell the truth about famous events and antics of popular personalities. Gossip is not welcome in the program, the focus is on situations with independent witnesses.

The release covers one story. Thus, each broadcast is dedicated to its topic. There are discussions of surrogate motherhood, outrageous acts of the stars of Russian show business. The culprits of the discussion are often absent from the shooting. In this case, invite his relatives, friends and other close friends who are able to express their opinion about the person.

There is no need to restrain emotions, it is required to say frankly everything on your mind. So, viewers will learn about events that might not happen. Shocking and ugly actions of stars sometimes lead to huge scandals. Lead project Lera Kudryavtseva and Oscar Kuchera. Their task is to honestly assess the situation even if their best friend and colleague became the culprit. Views on different episodes of the leaders are different, which inflames passions between the invited guests.


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Genres: Talk Show, entertaining
Year of creation: 2017
Release date in RF: 23 April 2017
A country: Russia
TV channel: NTV

Duration: 110 min.
Jury: Stars agreed, electricity show



Official instagram of the host Lera Kudryavtseva (Lera Kudryavceva) - Photo / Video

The official instagram of the actor and host Oskar Kuchera (Oskar Kuchera) / Photo - Video


Images from the TV show “Stars met”NTV 2019 | Photos of participants and presenters



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