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Zvonar season 2 TV series (2020) Ukraine watch online free detective


Смотреть украинский фильм "Звонарь 2 сезон" 2020 онлайн сериал детектив на канале 2+2

About the plot of the Ukrainian series "Zvonar season 2 / Zvonar-2" 2020 / Detective / Crime / Action / Ukraine

УKrajinsky multi-part film "Bell-ringer season 2" 2020 online on channel 2 + 2 - continuation of the detective series "Bell-ringer". The main character is still Anton Zvontsov (Artyom Alekseev), the man has the same name. It differs from the rest in that it approaches complex situations in a non-standard way.

Nothing is insoluble for him. The captain of the operative department is quite extraordinary in his professionalism, his results will impress anyone. He is not afraid of threats that can easily become deadly.

Anton fights against the real authorities of the criminal sphere and area, often exceeds his authority, arguing with employers, is quite self-confident and sharp on his tongue. Anna is the only person truly dear to a guy. This is his sister.

The man doesn't like the bond between her and one of the girl's close friends. True, he does not have the opportunity to say that everything is great in his personal life. Will Anton find the love of his life? What will come of a sister's relationship? Close people who have become relatives can betray?

Trailer-announcement of the series "Bell-ringer-2" | Premiere date 17 August 


Watch the film "Bell-ringer-2 2020" Ukraine (2020) online for free all series in a row hd 720-1080

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A country: Ukraine

Ukrainian TV series "Bell ringer 2 / Bell 2" 2020 - Information about the series:

Director: Kirill Kapitsa
Screenwriters: Valeria Podorozhnova, Igor Maslov, Andrey Ivashkin, Yuri Tarabanchuk
Operator: Denis Chernyshev
Artist: Vladimir Pavlyukh
Producers: Pavel Pozdnyakov, Maxim Krivitsky

Actors: Artyom Alekseev, Anastasia Chepelyuk, Natalia Babenko, Gleb Matsibor, Evgeny Avdeenko, Taras Tsymbalyuk, Sergei Murzin, Sergei Kalantai, Alexander Zinevich, Irina Avdeenko, Alexey Smolka, Nikolai Kiy, Victor Nasypanny, Yulia Andryuschenko, Sergei Kiselskov, Vladimir Osadchiy, Elena Pisotskaya, Konstantin Koretsky, Elena Skripka, Gennady Svitich and others.

Premiere: Autumn 2020 TV channel «2 + 2» 
Series: 24
Genre: Crime movies online, thriller, detective


Images from the series "Bell-ringer season 2" 2020 Ukraine | Photos of actors



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