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Смотреть фильм Звонарь украинский детектив на канале 2+2

About the plot of the Ukrainian series “Ringer / Ringer” 2019 / Detective / Ukraine

ГThe main hero of the detective series “Bell Ringer” 2019 online on the channel 2 + 2 is Anton Zvontsev (Artyom Alekseev), who likes to investigate crimes, he is a true master of his craft. The man is attractive and charismatic. He always found an approach to each of his business and professional duties. Anton knows perfectly well what actions need to be taken in a given situation. From childhood, the boy knew who he wanted to be in the future.

He was always impressed by detective novels, and he dreamed of being the same professional. He admired the characters in the books, which were so easily and quickly investigated and opened their cases. When the boy grew up, and before him stood the choice of where to go now through life, he definitely knew what he needed. The only option was a police school. Indeed, he soon became a good operative.

He was walking towards his goal for a very long time, even if he did it in small steps, but he did it. Thanks to his perseverance and optimism, the hero of the film Bell-ringer made friends with all his colleagues. But it was not enough for him to work simply in the police. He understood that the investigators from his favorite detectives are too different from his work. Therefore, he decided in his free time to engage in private investigations.



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A country: Ukraine

Ringer / Zvonar - Information about the series:

Director: Kirill Kapitsa
Screenwriters: Valeria Podorozhnova, Igor Maslov, Edward Sashko, Anna Grafkova, Andrei Ivashkin, Valeria Zadereeva
Operator: Denis Chernyshev
Artist: Vladimir Pavlyukh
Producers: Pavel Pozdnyakov, Maxim Krivitsky

Actors: Artyom Alekseev, Anastasia Chepelyuk, Nataliya Babenko, Sergey Kalantay, Inna Miroshnichenko, Alexey Nadrudny, Alexander Zinevich, Mikhail Shamigulov, Yevgeny Avdeenko, Gleb Macibor, Alexey Smolka, Irina Avdeenko, Taisia ​​Shchuruk, Maria Tkachenko, Avigdor Freudly, Y, Andrey Makarchenko

Premiere: April 1 TV channel "2 + 2" 
Series: 24
Genre: Crime movies online, detective

The official instagram of actor Artem Alekseev (Artem Alekseev) / Photo - Video

The official Instagram actress Anastasia Chepelyuk (Anastasia Chepeliuk) / Photo / Video

Images from the series “Zvonar” 2019 Ukraine | Photos of actors



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