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Call DiCaprio! TV series (2018) watch online free comedy

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About the plot of the series “Call DiCaprio!” 2018 online for free all series in a row 1-5 / Melodrama / Comedy / Russia

Звоните ДиКаприо! сериал (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно

ГRussian heroes soap opera “Call DiCaprio!” 2018 Online Leo and Yegor (Alexander Petrov) - two guys, brothers. Even in childhood, the guys were used to competing in the successes achieved, often envious of each other. The rivalry intensified when the guys chose one area of ​​activity related to influencing the public: each of the brothers wants to become a famous actor, to win the hearts of numerous fans.

Over time, it becomes obvious that in his career as an artist, Leo achieved less than his purposeful younger brother. By that time, Egor had already managed to become the darling of viewers, especially girls, and one of the most influential magazines declared him "the man of the year." At the same time, his brother failed to become a recognized talented actor, although he expected no less.

The growing envy of the eldest of the brothers for the younger develops into hostility, and the former friendly relationship is under serious threat. It is not known how the confrontation between two young people would end, having already provided them with a lot of difficulties. But soon unexpected events occur for both of them, giving them a chance to switch places. In the current situation, everyone has a chance to increase his success in an acting career and reach significant heights.



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A country: Russia
Director: Zhora Kryzhovnikov
Screenwriters: Peter Vnukov, Alexey Karaulov, Evgenia Khripkova
Produced by: Anton Schukin, Peter Vnukov, Evgenia Khripkova
Actors: Alexander Petrov, Andrei Burkovsky, Yulia Alexandrova, Yulia Khlynina, Daria Guschina, Alexandra Revenko, Anton Vasilyev, Anna Nevskaya, Igor Mirkurbanov, Yana Koshkina, Natalia Potapova, Marusya Klimova
Premiere: October 20 2018 (TNT-première)
Series: 5
Genre: Comedymelodrama

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